The Jovell Condo Site & Floor Plan


The Jovell price list, indicative selling price

Reading a floor plan:

When you are on a condo property hunt, you tend to visit new and upcoming properties every other day, maybe with your family. During these visits, developer sales team pitch you their project, in which they show you a floor plan of the building, which is a very crucial document. The floor plan can give you the instant view of your probable future home. So, it is very important to analyze and understand The Jovell floor plans properly.

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A floor plan is a diagram, mostly to the scale, showing a view from above of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other features at one level of the structure. A floor plan indicates the place of rooms and kitchen concerning each other, the place of doors and windows, the direction the house is facing, dimensions of each room, storage spaces provided by the developer and the position of different flats on a single floor with lift and staircase provisions. The important things to check while analyzing a floor plan are:

  • Check for dimension of each room which will give you the idea of the size of the room and how much furniture you can fit into it.
  • Check whether room size matches your expected area.
  • Check the total number of rooms your family needs
  • Check the space allotted for the kitchen
  • Check if each bedroom has a separate door so that there is no hinderance of privacy
  • Check for natural lighting. Make sure you get enough morning and afternoon sunlight and the availability of sun shades.
  • Check if there is proper cross ventilation in the house
  • Check if storage space and cupboard space satisfy your needs
  • Check if the bathrooms are attached or common according to your needs
  • Check for a Private Enclosed Space which is a private outdoor area for the unit.
  • Check which walls are structural and nonstructural for safe removal.